How to Tell You Have a Struggling Water Heater

Cool showers are great to help you lower your internal temperature after you go on a run or get back from a heavy gym session. Icy cold showers that are involuntary and unexpected, on the other hand, are far less enjoyable.

Your water heater is one of those pieces of your Jackson, MS plumbing system that you really would prefer not to be without. And you shouldn’t need to go without it either. A water heater that isn’t heating shouldn’t always be a lost cause–more often than not it is fixable when you schedule your repairs with a professional plumber.

Even better, you can watch out for certain indicators that your water heater is struggling so you can get it fixed before it completely loses the ability to produce warm water.

How To Tell That Your Water Heater Is Sending You a Warning

Your water heater doesn’t have the ability to talk to you or wave you down but there are still certain things it will do that should act as warning signs to you that it needs some assistance. Keep watch for some of these problematic indicators that something is up with the water heater.

  • The water from your hot water tap is rusty in color or metallic in taste: Have you noticed that the water is an orange or reddish color when you use the hot water tap? Or maybe you have picked up on a metallic smell or taste when you are taking a warm shower. If either of these sounds familiar, reach out for repairs soon or you may need a replacement because these are early signs of corrosion.
  • The temperature of the warm water fluctuates or struggles to surpass lukewarm: All too often we see this indicator of a water heater in need of repair mixed up as a sign that the hot water is simply running low. In most cases, temperature fluctuations in your hot water is a sign that your system is having trouble heating up hot water for your home.
  • You can hear the sound of kettling or rumbling in your water heater: Your water heater may not always run silently, but it certainly shouldn’t sound like a boiling tea kettle or a boiling pot of water. These are both noises that indicate a problem with sediment build-up inside of the hot water heater. Kettling indicates sediment in your pipes that stops water from getting through so it instead becomes steam, whereas rumbling is caused by sediment in the hot water tank. Neither noise is good.

If you start picking up on signs that your water heating system may not be in very good condition, then the sooner you reach out for repairs from a professional plumber the better. A true pro, like the ones on our team, will be able to assess your system, determine what the problem is, and get it addressed quickly and efficiently.

When you need a plumber to keep things flowing right, contact Environment Masters, Inc. Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed. 

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