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Commercial HVAC Services in Jackson and Madison, MS

It’s not easy keeping a commercial building comfortable throughout the year, especially during the harsh summer months. Each business is unique, and your HVAC equipment should be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you want to get the best return on investment for those systems, it’s a smart idea to find a contractor you trust to maintain them.

Environment Masters offers commercial HVAC services that are professional, prompt, and unmatched. Whether you need a commercial HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance service, our expert technicians will ensure that your building is handled with care. Trusted since 1957, you can count on us to provide top-quality heating and AC services for your business in Madison, Hinds, and Rankin counties.

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Commercial HVAC Services That We Offer

With the vast array of HVAC requirements of commercial spaces in Jackson, MS, and beyond, it’s imperative to partner with a service provider who understands the comprehensive range of needs. Our commercial HVAC services include:

  • Commercial HVAC Installation: Installing a new commercial HVAC system isn’t just about placing a unit and connecting some wires. It’s about understanding the spatial needs, ensuring air quality is maintained, and integrating it seamlessly with other systems.
  • Commercial HVAC Repair: We all know the discomfort of a broken heating and cooling system. Our speedy commercial HVAC repair services ensure that businesses experience minimal downtime.
  • Commercial HVAC Maintenance: Regular maintenance services ensure longer lifespans for HVAC systems and higher energy efficiency. Regular check-ups also significantly reduce the need for future repairs.

Why Choose

Environment MASTERS?


Our professional technicians have years of experience in the industry and provide top-quality service.


100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Longevity backed by 60+ years in business.


We use top, high-efficiency brands, and our techs are licensed pros.


With our large team, you won’t wait long for quality solutions

Your company deserves reputable AC and heating services. At Environment Masters, we know you can’t risk an HVAC system breakdown or malfunction getting in the way of your business. We’re proud to offer commercial HVAC repair services for a wide array of commercial HVAC systems throughout Madison, Jackson, and central Mississippi. With our excellent customer service, attention to detail, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all services, you can feel confident that we will keep your company’s HVAC system up and running in peak condition.

Don’t Forget About Commercial HVAC Maintenance

When looking for a dependable commercial HVAC company, you want a team of professionals who will put the needs of your business first. At Environment Masters, we’ll help you design a commercial HVAC maintenance plan that meets the individualized needs of your business.

With regularly scheduled commercial HVAC maintenance, your heating and cooling systems will avoid breakdowns, malfunctions, and costly repairs. As a result, you can keep your HVAC system in peak condition — and your business running smoothly.

One of the Leading Commercial Air Conditioning Companies in Madison and Jackson, MS

As one of the most reputable commercial air conditioning companies in Jackson, MS, as well as Madison and the surrounding areas, we have extensive experience performing a wide range of heating and AC solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a rooftop unit or a split system, we can take care of your commercial air conditioning needs. We’ll walk you through the whole process, from ideal system selection all the way through installation and training on the new equipment. We will replace old commercial systems with minimal disruption to your business.

Commercial Ductwork

The best commercial air conditioning companies won’t just repair and replace your HVAC systems — they’ll also focus on providing you with top-quality ductwork.

Commercial buildings each require their own unique duct configuration to maximize the efficiency of their climate control and IAQ systems. We design and fabricate custom commercial ductwork in our state-of-the-art 6,000 sq. ft. in-house sheet metal shop so that your building gets the perfect HVAC solution.

Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services

While it’s imperative to have a climate control system you can count on installed in your commercial building, you should also make sure you take steps to maintain proper indoor air quality. Along with commercial ductwork, we install a variety of indoor air quality systems, including air filters and purifiers, to make sure that your business’s air quality remains high.

What Makes Our Certified HVAC Professionals Stand Out?

Our team is more than just a group of technicians; they are qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of commercial HVAC systems. Their expertise, combined with regular training, ensures they’re up-to-date with the latest HVAC technologies and best practices.

At Environment Masters, we also value transparency and communication, making sure clients are in the loop at all stages of service delivery.

Year-Round Support for Your Commercial HVAC Repair Needs

Be it the peak heating season or the sweltering summer months, our repair services team is always ready. We understand that a malfunctioning HVAC unit can be detrimental to business, so we prioritize promptness and efficiency in all our commercial HVAC installations and repairs.

Maximize Efficiency With Our Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance is not just about preventing breakdowns; it’s about optimizing the system for peak performance. We conduct thorough inspections, ensuring every part of the HVAC equipment is functioning at its best, thereby guaranteeing excellent indoor air quality and temperature regulation.

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Whether you need commercial HVAC repair, replacement, or maintenance, we’re here to provide you with hassle-free solutions. Our expert technicians have many years of professional service installing and replacing commercial HVAC systems throughout Jackson, Madison, and central Mississippi. We also offer water heater installation and water heater repair, ensuring your business never runs cold.

Since 1957, the Environment Masters team has worked hard to provide our customers with dependable, top-quality solutions. If you’re looking for a commercial HVAC contractor you can trust to get things completed, we’re here for you.

Are you ready to see why we’re one of the leading HVAC commercial companies in the field? To schedule a commercial HVAC repair in Madison or Jackson, MS, contact us today!