Greener Tomorrow

For a Greener Tomorrow

At Environment Masters, Inc., we understand the importance of conservation and energy efficiency. We all share the same planet and the same obligation to care for its well being. For this reason, Environment Masters does everything it can to curb energy expenditures and create a lean, stable company drawing no more resources than absolutely necessary. We have taken this pledge to every aspect of our business and found some staggering results, one being our Entergy Award.

Entergy Mississippi presented Environment Masters, Inc. with the Outstanding Trade Ally of 2020 for the highest volume of HVAC rebates. We received this award for installing more energy efficient systems for Entergy customers than any other Mississippi heating and cooling company. During the year, 361 of our customers received rebates from Entergy for installing earth-friendly systems that are more economical to run (by as much as 50%). These rebates added up to an estimated $176,000.

What makes this award special is that it lets us know we are helping our community with more than just plumbing and HVAC issues. We are making a future impact by lessening environmental damage. Saving energy not only helps save the planet, but it can also save you money.

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HVAC Recycling

With every install, Environment Masters takes the extra step to strip down and recycle each unit we replace. In fact, 98% of everything in the installation process is recycled by Environment Masters, and no units ever end up in a landfill. These green initiatives add up to some shocking statistics.

Breakdown Old HVAC Systems

Environment Masters recycles ALL heaters and air conditioners

Recycled Cardboard

We also recycle all the cardboard and packaging used in your new unit.

Recycled Metal

We strip down and separate the precious metals from the discarded units. All of the copper, aluminum, and sheet metal are kept out of landfills!

Recycling Refrigerant

R–22, the older AC refrigerant, contains hydrochlorofluorocarbons which can damage our ozone layer if they escape the system. Where others carelessly release this gas into the air, Environment Masters goes the extra mile to properly recover all refrigerant and send it in for recycling.

Green Office

Though not an obvious energy draw, offices can easily consume an enormous amount of power through hundreds of lighting fixtures, computers, and other electronics. However, as you will see, Environment Masters has taken measures to eliminate as much waste as possible.

Paperless Initiatives

While electricity is a major resource consumed in an office, paper is the most wasted. To counteract this, Environment Masters has become practically a “Paperless Office” and now utilizes a digital alternative whenever possible. In the field, our Service Technicians and Project Managers make use of smart phones and tablets. This allows us to digitize all forms and invoices. As a result of our efforts, there is less time (and paper) wasted, and Environment Masters has grown more efficient by doing away with archaic and obsolete processes.

Energy Efficient Office

Our office is both heated and cooled using high–efficiency Lennox systems and our building has solar panels to take advantage of our Mississippi sunshine.

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The Recycling and Conservation Efforts of Environment Masters

Creating a greener Environment Masters is an ongoing process that will never truly be complete. As technology progresses and new opportunities arise, we will always search for ways to eliminate waste and reduce our carbon footprint within this industry and on this planet.

If we each take a small step, together we can walk a mile towards a greener tomorrow. Environment Masters has already taken the first step. Are you ready to take yours? Learn how to live a more sustainable life today with help from Environment Masters.

  • Programmable Thermostat: The iComfort S–30 and the Nest Thermostat both provide complete control of your home comfort with the touch of a button. Control your HVAC equipment from your smartphone and set your thermostat to know when you are away!
  • Insulation: Environment Masters provides one of the most economical ways to save energy and stay green. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) states that by using blown–in insulation services a household or business is sure to save up to 20% a year on heating and cooling costs.
  • High–Efficiency Furnaces: The SLP98V is the pinnacle of heating equipment in terms of quality, durability, and efficiency with a 98% AFUE. High–efficiency furnaces operate at 50 decibels, quieter than a human whisper.
  • Eco–Friendly Air Conditioners: Top of the line Lennox air conditioners like the XC25 use ozone–friendly R410–a refrigerant to bring comfort to your home during even the hottest Mississippi summers, and with efficiency ratings up to 25 SEER, you will save money on your energy bills while doing your part to protect our planet!
  • Mitsubishi Comfort Systems: Customize your home comfort without consuming a drop more fuel than absolutely necessary. Our Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps provide targeted heating and cooling where you need it most – eliminating waste while maximizing comfort.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: For homes that use 41 gallons or less of hot water daily, tankless water heaters can be 24%–34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. And while storage water heaters last 10–15 years, tankless can last more than 20.
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