How to Determine Your AC Needs Repairs

Summertime is a season when your air conditioner is going to see the most action. That means though that if your system has any possible repair needs, those are going to start causing problems pretty quickly as they will be worsened by that regular use. It is similar to how, if you have low brake pads and go for a road trip, you’ll end up wearing out what’s left of your brakes. You can probably hear the end result of both of these repair needs in your head so you’d agree that an air conditioner in need of a repair service should be addressed quickly.


If you are a little newer to having an air conditioning system around and you aren’t sure what the signs are that you should schedule an AC repair in Madison, MS, we can help. Below we’ve listed some of the most easily noticeable signs you should know so you can schedule your service in a timely manner.

So, what are some of the key indicators that you need to get a repair service done for your air conditioning system? Here are several that you need to know:

4 Warning Signs of Repair Needs

  1. Energy bills are on the rise: Your energy bills are going to fluctuate a bit based on how much you use your AC system. However, this doesn’t justify huge spikes that don’t match your cooling demands. If your monthly energy bill is far too high to make sense, it is likely a sign that your AC is having trouble due to a repair need.
  2. Loud, strange noises: Your AC may not be able to run silently all the time, but there are going to be noises that should tip you off to a problem within your system. Keep your ears alert for odd noises that your air conditioner starts to make such as hissing, banging, humming, screeching, squealing, and rattling as these may all be indicators of a variety of repair needs.
  3. Reduced cooling power: Let’s say you’ve been running your air conditioner for a couple of days now and you just can’t seem to get the temperature to where you want it to be. If this sounds familiar, it could mean that your system needs repair to restore its ability to produce cool air reliably again.
  4. Shortened cooling cycles: Known as short cycling, shortened cooling cycles are a sign of an air conditioner that is either overheating or is struggling past other problems in order to offer cool air to your home. While short cycling might not seem problematic at first, it can cause serious damage to your system and your comfort overall.

Professional AC Repairs

If any of the warning signs above sound familiar to you, it is likely that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. This isn’t a job for an amateur though. If you want a cooling system that continues to work well for a good amount of time, you should only schedule your repair services with professional technicians like ours

Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed. Contact Environment Masters, Inc. to schedule your repairs. 

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