What Are Your Options for Removing Drain Clogs?

When you have a drain clog in your home, either in your kitchen or your bathrooms, we’d advise avoiding using that store-bought drain cleaning fluid. While it might seem like it is a quick fix, that chemical solution is never going to be near as effective as service from a plumber in Flowood, MS. Trained plumbers are going to provide actual long-term solutions for your drain clogging issues, rather than putting a temporary Band-Aid on the situation the way drain cleaning liquid might.

When you need a reliable plumbing professional to help clear your drain pipes, you should reach out to pros like ours. The training and expertise that we provide make a world of difference in keeping your plumbing clear and healthy too. Let us give you an example of how we can help your plumbing by telling you the different ways we effectively address drain clogs.

3 Ways to Clear Clogs

There is more than one way to get rid of drain clogs without using caustic chemicals. Here are some of the ways that we know work best and help your drain pipes the most.

  1. Plunge Away: Using a plunger might not seem like a great idea but it can be a huge help in a lot of cases. It is a great way to clear smaller, less stubborn clogs without needing to spend a dime.
  2. Snake the Drain: Drain snakes or drain augers are another helpful tool used to get rid of clogs. With a bit at the end of a flexible cord, a drain snake can be drilled into a clog to either pull it free of the drain or break it apart so it can be carried away to the sewer line.
  3. Blast the Clog Away: This last solution should be provided by professionals only because it utilizes a hydro jet. A hydro jet creates a high-powered jet of water that breaks up clogs to flush them away and also scours the sides of the drain to clear out any additional build-up that may create problems later on.

When the Problem Goes Deep

Every once in a while, we run into drain clogs that are worse than our clients imagine because they aren’t in just the drain—they are in the sewer line! When you have a backed-up sewer line you absolutely need the help of a professional plumber who can get the problem resolved and prevent it from happening again anytime in the near future.

A Note of Drain Cleaners

We know drain cleaners can be easy to access and offer a seemingly quick solution to your stopped-up drain but there are reasons we advise against them. For one thing, they usually aren’t as effective as people think. For another thing, these are mean chemicals that can be harmful both to you and to the interior of your pipes! We find avoiding this solution is just better in the long run.

Need help clearing a clogged drain or fixing another plumbing problem? Contact Environment Masters, Inc. for service. Trusted. Since 1957.

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