Follow These Tips on Commercial Water Heater Care

The water heater is the unsung hero of most homes and businesses across the country. It’s typically one of the biggest burdens on the building’s electrical systems because it’s also operating almost constantly. In most cases, a commercial water heater never completely shuts down. Instead, it maintains a low level of activity to keep the water in the tank at the set temperature at all times. That way, there is always hot water available for those who need it.commercial-water-heater

Commercial water heaters are designed to cope with this level of demand, but that doesn’t mean that they can do so indefinitely without some help from professional services. If you want to get the most out of your commercial water heater, you need to make sure that you follow the tips below.

Preventive Maintenance

As is the case with residential systems, most of the issues that afflict commercial water heaters don’t have obvious warning signs. They develop slowly, subtly until they get far enough along to cause serious damage and threaten the operation of the entire system. You want to catch any issues well before they get to that point. The best way to do that is with professional preventive maintenance.

A professional maintenance appointment gives your commercial water heater technician the opportunity to pinpoint any areas in the system that are experiencing problems, or soon will be. Those areas can then be dealt with before they have the chance to negatively impact the operation of the system. You should schedule commercial water heater maintenance at least once a year, to make sure that it’s properly protected at all times. Commercial water heaters don’t really have seasons of rising and falling stress, as HVAC systems do. So, it’s less important when during the year you schedule this maintenance, as long as you do it consistently. This will increase the efficiency of your system, and reduce the odds of a serious problem developing with it by a significant amount.

Call For Repairs if You Suspect Issues

Preventive maintenance does go a long way towards reducing the chances of problems developing with a water heater. However, no amount of maintenance can completely eliminate the chance of something going wrong. The longer you have your commercial water heater, the greater the chances that something will go wrong with it. If this happens between maintenance appointments, it’s vital that you not wait to address it. The faster you call for help and get it repaired, the more damage can be prevented and the better off your system will be. If you wait, you only give the problem more opportunity to worsen and cause more issues. If you have any reason to suspect that your commercial water heater isn’t operating properly, have a professional examine it right away just to be safe.

EMI Mechanical offers comprehensive commercial water heater services in Jackson, MS. If you need help with your commercial water heater, contact us today for an appointment.  We’ll make sure that your water heater serves your property well for many years to come.

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