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Why Call a Pro For Gas Piping Work?

It is early morning and you need to heat up some water for your morning coffee. You fill the kettle and go to turn on the stove, but that trademark hiss of gas is nowhere to be heard. Thankfully, there is a coffee shop around the corner. But this doesn’t solve the bigger issue you’re facing: you have a problem with your gas line!

The question that you may ask when you realize you have an issue with your gas is who to call. Maybe you are tempted to call that friend of a friend who promised to help you with any plumbing issues you have because they need the practice. We urge you to hold the phone on this.

Why? Because hiring someone who is not a professional plumber for any piping issues, especially gas piping, can be extremely dangerous.

Who Do I Hire for Gas Piping Issues?

The short answer to this question is that you should hire a professional plumber. But before you make a call to someone who simply says they are able to help with your plumbing issues, let us explain why you really do need a pro.


Working with gas is a dangerous job. There is a reason why homeowners are discouraged from doing anything to fix or replace their gas pipes on their own. After all, the natural gas pipes that feed our homes have the ability to cause major explosions like the one which occurred in San Bruno, CA in 2010. Rather than costing people their lives, a professional plumber will have an upfront cost that includes their ability to safely work on your gas lines without harming anyone.


A gas plumbing professional will be one who arrives at your home with the knowledge of how to figure out what the issue is and how to fix it as quickly as possible. This is a lot more reassuring than having someone come over and turn to Google to help them discover what the problem might be.

A pro will also know exactly what materials are needed for what situation. For example, a trained plumber will know when and where to use flexible piping or plastic pipes. They will also understand that your gas pipes need as much care and caution as your other pipes. This is reassuring as a gas leak can be extremely unhealthy for the inhabitants of a home.


In many jurisdictions, it is illegal to let anyone other than a licensed professional plumber work on your gas pipes or any gas-powered appliances for that matter. This obviously ties into the safety of your home and the homes around it. A professional plumber will have the proper licensing that allows them to do the job legally and shows you that they know how to do it correctly. The cost for hiring a professional is justified when you consider the potential damage a leaking gas line can pose to your health and overall safety.

If you have gas appliances that aren’t working, your best option is to turn off your gas and call a professional plumber. They will be able to pinpoint and solve whatever the issue is.

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