Tank v. Tankless: What Water Heater Suits You Best?

You never really realize how much you appreciate your water heater until you no longer have a working one. This is especially true if it stops working in the middle of your shower and the water goes from warm to icy when you least expect it.

Choosing a water heater that suits your needs when your old one gives up the ghost can feel tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be. When you work with our team, we can guide you through all things to do with plumbing in Ridgeland, MS so you know exactly what is going on with the pipes, drains, and other components in your home.

And in the interest of making sure you’re in the know about your home plumbing, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to help you decide between a tank or tankless water heater.

tankless water heater

What’s the Difference?

Obviously, it isn’t too hard to decipher the major difference between a tank water heater or a tankless one. The first has a tank that holds so many gallons of water that is kept at a certain temperature. The other, a tankless water heater, doesn’t store water but heats water as it flows through the system.

So which one is better for your needs? The truth is that depends entirely on what your water heating requirements are.

What You Should Know About Each Kind of Water Heater

Aside from the fact that one type of water heater includes a tank and the other doesn’t, there are several pros and cons for each kind of system you should know about when you consider your next unit.

Tankless “On-Demand” Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters provide reliable warm water with more energy-efficient than their tank counterparts. Along with this, they use less energy, and a lot less space within your home, too. The one problem some people encounter with tankless water heaters is when multiple taps are on at the same time. Tankless water heaters are quite energy-efficient until you have someone doing laundry while another is showering or doing something else that is equally demanding of hot water. However, this is solvable by installing a secondary system or even getting a larger one.

Tank Water Heaters

Tank water heaters are wonderful because they always have hot water available right when you need it because water is stored and kept at a certain temperature within the tank. Tank water heaters do use more water and energy to accomplish the same goals but are less likely to be overwhelmed should more than one person need a supply.

Which One is For You?

Like we said before, choosing between a tank or tankless water heater is all a matter of what your needs are. If you don’t have too many people in the home and are looking to save energy, consider a tankless. In contrast, a tank heater may be better if you have four or more people living in the home.

Whatever you choose, make sure you have your system installed and serviced by a professional technician like the ones at Environment Masters, Inc. Trusted. Since 1957. Contact us now.

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