Hybrid Dual Fuel System

In partnership with Environment Masters, we explore the advantages of hybrid dual fuel heat pump systems for homeowners who are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their utility bills. These systems work in conjunction with both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace, allowing homeowners to switch between the two based on the outdoor temperature, maximizing efficiency and cost savings.

One of the most significant benefits of hybrid dual fuel heat pumps is their improved efficiency compared to traditional HVAC systems. These systems use electricity to move heat from the outside air into the home, requiring only a small amount of electricity to move a large amount of heat. When temperatures drop below 35 degrees, the gas furnace kicks in, providing additional heating power. Gas furnaces are more efficient than electric resistance heating when it’s very cold, providing significant cost savings on energy bills during frigid winter spells. And since we live in Mississippi and the weather rarely dips that low, electricity is used over 90% of the time.

Thanks to their improved efficiency, hybrid dual fuel heat pumps can lead to significant savings on energy bills over time. The EPA is backing this efficient system, allowing a $2000 tax credit on 2023 taxes. And if you happen to be an Entergy customer, you can take up to a $925 rebate on this system.

Finally, hybrid dual fuel heat pumps can also help reduce your environmental impact. By relying on electricity and a small amount of natural, these systems produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional HVAC systems. They are also more efficient and produce less waste, making them a more sustainable option.

In conclusion, hybrid dual fuel heat pumps offer many benefits for homeowners looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. By reducing energy bills, improving efficiency, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, they are an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to make their home more sustainable. If you’re considering upgrading your HVAC system, consider the benefits of a hybrid dual fuel heat pump for a more efficient and cost-effective solution, and contact Environment Masters for expert installation and service.

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