How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Can Help Your IAQ

Sometimes during the colder months of the year, the air in our homes, while warm, can start to feel a bit stale. If your home is well-sealed, it means all that warm air has likely been filtered and refiltered endlessly, meaning that it is physically warm, which is good for your comfort, but it is also going to feel overly filtered, which is bad for your indoor air quality.

Stale air makes you crave a fresh breeze from outside, but you can’t really enjoy this without hindering your comfort level. But what if we told you there was a way to get the best of both worlds? With a heat recovery ventilator, you actually can address your stale air by introducing fresh air into your home without ever reducing your warmth or losing energy.

Sound too good to be true? Let us give you some extra information on these systems so you can enjoy their benefits in the near future.

Fresh, Warm Air Is Possible

It might sound like a hoax but we assure you it isn’t. Known as a heat recovery ventilator, these indoor air quality systems are able to provide you with fresh air that will boost your indoor air quality while also ensuring you never lose any heat or energy in the process.

What Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Do?

Heat Recovery Ventilators live up to their name because they do exactly what it sounds like they do: they recover heat. Don’t worry, we will give you more detail so you understand exactly how great these systems are.

What heat recovery ventilators do is they pull in fresh air from outside of your home and heat it using the energy already in the heated air in your house. This allows your heat recovery ventilator or HRV for heat up the fresh air being pulled into your house and get rid of the stale air you are replacing.

How Does This System Benefit Me?

Opting for an HRV system is going to help you in more than one way. Bringing in fresh air that is warmed will help improve your indoor air quality which will, in turn, help you feel more comfortable and allow you to feel like you are breathing a bit more easily. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy this fresh air without having to use any additional energy to keep the house warm.

An HRV offers improved comfort, easier heating capabilities, and saved energy all in one unique system. If you are ready to enjoy a breath of fresh air in your home, then this may be the perfect match for you.

Let us be clear though: while the HRV might seem like an easy way to improve the comfort in your home, but this doesn’t mean installing or maintaining it is something any Average Joe can do. Don’t risk your comfort, reach out to the professionals on our team for installation services instead.

Contact Environment Masters, Inc. to get started. Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed.

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