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2 Systems to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Comfort is about more than maintaining pleasant temperatures. The air inside your home also needs to be clean. If you didn’t know this already, it may sound like an impossible task. What are you supposed to do, vacuum the air? We understand the confusion, but we promise we wouldn’t bring this subject up without having a viable solution for you.

The best way to improve the indoor air quality in your home is through a system for air filtration or air purification.

What Does Air Quality Have to Do With My Home Comfort?

You may be wondering what the quality of the air in your home has to do with how comfortable your home is. We are happy to explain.

The contents of the air in your home will help or hinder how comfortable the house is. For example, if your home’s air is overly dusty, it will make it harder on your air conditioner to cool things down. And, of course, dusty and dirty air in the home isn’t likely to make anyone feel relaxed as it is probably going to trigger allergies and the strong urge to constantly clean.

How Filters and Purifiers Can Help

If you have poor indoor air quality in your home, you aren’t without any way to improve the situation. You can choose an air filtration system or an air purification system to help return the air in your home to the state it should be in. You can even choose to install both of these systems if your home needs help. Here is what these systems can do for your home.

  • Air filtration systems: An air filter is usually made up of a porous membrane that is meant to capture a variety of airborne pollutants such as dirt, dust, dander, and other debris. The stronger or tighter a filter is, the more particles it will capture. The only catch here is that you have to make sure the filter isn’t too strong because it can hinder airflow.
  • Air purifiers: An air purifier or air cleaner can come in two forms. In one form, an electrical purifier uses electricity to charge airborne particles and draw them to a magnetized plate where they are captured until the plate is wiped down. The other version of the air purifier is one that uses UV light to either destroy airborne contaminants or render them as harmless as dust (especially helpful against viruses and bacteria.)

Whatever system best suits your home’s indoor air quality needs, you will want to have it installed by a trained professional. Only a professional technician will be able to properly install your indoor air quality system so that it helps your home without damaging the ductwork.

If you need help with your indoor air quality, you can turn to the team of professionals at Environment Masters, Inc.

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