Your Guide to Installing a New Commercial AC

Summer is fast approaching, and that means that now is the perfect time to schedule all the services that your commercial AC needs to be efficient and effective all season long! Of course, for some of you, that may mean having to replace your old, outdated system with a new, efficient model. We understand that this can seem like a big undertaking, which is why we are here to help!checklist

We thought that it would be in your best interest to provide a sort of quick guide to commercial air conditioning installation! All you have to do is keep reading below to find out more about installing a new commercial AC in your business space!

Installing a New AC is as Easy as 1…2…3!

If you are a local business owner, part of your job is to ensure that your commercial AC is in good working condition. So, if that means you’re in the market for a new system, read our guide:

Step One: Find a commercial HVAC contractor

If you are in the market for a new commercial air conditioner, you want to find a team of qualified technicians for all your commercial HVAC in Brandon, MS. Only a certified commercial HVAC technician has the training, knowledge, and experience to handle the complex needs of a commercial system. You should know that not all HVAC companies are equipped or qualified to service your commercial AC, so it is best you do your research!

Step Two: Figure out if it’s time for a replacement

The second step in installing a new air conditioner is to figure out if it’s time to replace your current system. Consider replacing your commercial air conditioner if:

  • It’s old: Though built to last, the average lifespan of a commercial air conditioner is anywhere between 15 and 20 years. Therefore, if your system has aged beyond this average life expectancy, it is in your best interest to consider a replacement.
  • It requires frequent repair: Your commercial AC should not require more than just one or two repairs every few years. If your system requires any more than that, it might be time for a replacement.
  • It no longer keeps you cool: The primary role of your commercial AC is to keep your commercial space cool and comfortable, so if yours is no longer able to keep up with your cooling demands, it might be best to invest in a new system.
  • It’s costing you more money: We always recommend keeping a close eye on your monthly energy bills. If you find that you are paying more and more to keep your commercial space cool, it’s quite likely that your AC is no longer efficient.

Step Three: Professional installation

Once it has been decided that it’s time to replace your current system, it is important to consult with a professional technician who can match you with the system that is going to best meet the unique needs of your commercial space. Once you’ve chosen the right system for your space, it is important that it is professionally sized and installed to ensure comfort and efficiency.

To schedule your commercial air conditioning services, contact the team at EMI Mechanical today!

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