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It’s Not Too Early to Think About Commercial AC Maintenance

As a business owner, you likely put the comfort of the individuals who enter your business high on your priority list. Though we still have a long chilly season ahead of us, you should begin thinking about your commercial air conditioner repair and maintenance services.hvac unit

Think back to last summer. Did you schedule maintenance services? Did you notice any signs of an issue? If you answered “no” to the first question, or “yes” to the second, contact your local commercial HVAC company. Your commercial AC requires regular maintenance and repair to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. When temperatures soar well into the 90s, you’ll want a working AC in your business.

In case you need more convincing, we have provided a list of reasons as to why it’s never too early to think about AC repair and maintenance:

Reasons to schedule pre-season maintenance and repair

It’s Convenient to Schedule

Scheduling your repair or maintenance services during the cooling season can be tricky, as appointments begin to book up fast. Often, business owners wait until the season begins to schedule services, meaning everyone is booking at the same time. When you schedule early, there are numerous openings!

Ample Time for Repairs

When an HVAC technician is able to detect malfunctions and issues early, it gives them plenty of time to resolve it before summer hits. This grants you the ability to go into summer with a working AC, rather than sweating it out for a few days while repairs are performed.

System Efficiency

Often, business owners aren’t aware of an issue until significant damage has occurred, so they continue to run their systems. When there is a problem with your AC, it struggles to perform its job, thus decreasing efficiency and causing utility bills to skyrocket. When issues are resolved before your AC is needed, you avoid the risk of running up your bills.


When your AC is serviced early, you’ll be prepared for the onset of any heatwave, ensuring the comfort of all employees and customers that enter your business daily.

Call in the professionals for your commercial AC services

EMI Mechanical offers comprehensive commercial air conditioning service in Jackson, MS. We understand the importance of comfort in the workplace and want to help you be successful in achieving customer satisfaction. We offer both repair and maintenance services to keep your AC system up and running for years to come.

Our maintenance services involve a close examination of your entire commercial AC. Any areas that are weakening can be fixed before they worsen. We recommend scheduling maintenance services at least twice a year. To make things easier for you, we offer Priority One Commercial Maintenance. This assures:

  • Strategic savings on utility costs
  • Longer life for your HVAC equipment
  • 7 days a week performance from your facilities
  • Higher performance from your staff

We adhere to only the highest standards of professionalism and accreditation, so you can rest assured knowing that we take the success of your business seriously.

To schedule your AC repair and maintenance services, contact EMI Mechanical today. 

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