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How to Clear a Clogged Pipe Without Digging

Environment Masters plumber feeding sewer camera down clogged drain.

Stubborn plumbing clogs at your home or commercial building are never convenient. When the obvious solutions like a plumbing snake don’t work, the next approach most plumbers take is to get direct access to the clog. 

If your building is on a concrete foundation, this can involve digging or jackhammering to get to the clog. There’s nothing quite like digging up a pipe to disrupt your life and work. 

The reason most plumbers in the Jackson, MS area take this approach is that those are the tools they have available. While that approach will clear your clogged pipe, it will also result in a much bigger mess than you started with. 

Plus, digging up a pipe to clear a clog is expensive – and a headache (maybe literally if a jackhammer is involved). 

We’ve seen plumbing companies charge upwards of $26,000 to repair a clog when it required breaking concrete in the middle of the facility just to gain access to the pipes.  

This should be your last resort.

An Alternative Way to Fix a Plumbing Clog Without Digging

If you’ve been told that digging to gain access to your pipes is the only solution to fix a clog, there’s another option. 

At Environment Masters, we offer an alternative that’s: 

  • less hassle 
  • non-invasive
  • much less expensive 

A hydro jetter is an easy way to clear stubborn plumbing clogs without any digging.

When we combine our hydro jetter with a state-of-the-art camera, our technicians can blast away your clog without breaking a ton of concrete. 

How Does a Hydro Jetter Work?

The hydro jetter and camera work inside the pipes to detect and clean the clog quickly and easily. 

First, we use the camera to detect the precise location of the clog in your pipe. 

The camera is followed up with the hydro jetter to clean the clog. It works by pushing water at high pressure through the pipe to blast through the clog and clear the pipe. No digging involved.

This method works for pipes as small as 1 1/2” all the way up to 12” commercial pipes.

There’s no need to disrupt your entire day (and your facility) to fix a blocked pipe.

How the Hydro Jetter Saved One Company $23,000

We’ve seen plumbing companies charge upwards of $26,000 to repair a clog when it required busting up concrete in the middle of the facility just to gain access to the pipes.  

That’s exactly what a corrugated paper company was quoted to fix a massive clog at their facility. 

Imagine their relief when we told them we could fix the problem for less than a tenth of the price using our state-of-the-art camera and hydro jetter. Plus, no concrete would get busted up in the process. 

That’s what we call hassle-free! 

Hydro jetting isn’t always the right solution for stubborn clogs, which is why we always start by locating the clog by sending a camera through the pipe. Not only does the camera help pinpoint the clog, but it also shows what shape the pipe is in. 

If a pipe is broken or the structural integrity is compromised, using the hydro jetter can cause bigger problems. In that case, the best solution is to dig up the pipe and replace it. 

You may never have a clog the size of what the paper company had to deal with. However, if you have a stubborn clog, ask your plumber if a sewer or water pipe inspection is an option. It could save your day (and your wallet)! 

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