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5 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

It is one thing to replace a faucet or a showerhead with a newer model. It is another thing entirely to replace the pipes that feed water to these appliances and drain the water that is used.

Patching leaks here and there is a necessary part of taking care of your home’s plumbing. But after a while, you may start to realize that perhaps your pipes are made more of patches than their original material. When this happens, it can signal the time has come to consider repiping your home before a bigger issue occurs.

But you don’t want to act on a hunch. Most people want to make sure that requesting a service like this is absolutely necessary, and we understand why. We want to help by letting you know some things to look for that will help you determine when the time has come to call for repiping services.

You Know You Need Repiping When…

To help you feel sure about making that call to schedule repiping for your home plumbing in Brandon, MS, we’ve listed a few different indicators that will let you know the time has come to get the job done.

  1. Your Water Pressure Is Dropping: You are 100% sure that there are no leaks in your pipes anymore. Then why is your water pressure dropping still? This could be due to aging pipes that have collected a large amount of mineral build-up over time that hinders the water’s ability to flow freely.
  2. Your Water Bill Keeps Rising: If your water bill keeps going up for no reason, you likely have a leak (or several) somewhere. What’s more, when you have checked every appliance to make sure there is nowhere else for water to leak out, and find your water meter is running without anyone actually using those appliances, this confirms that you have leaking pipes on your hands.
  3. Your Pipes Are Older Than Starbucks: The international coffee chain is about 48 years old now. If your pipes are 50+ years old, it means that they need to be replaced soon. Pipes that are 50 years or older often used galvanized steel, a material that corrodes and can be at risk of bursting the longer they are in use.
  4. Your Water Is Rusty: Water that appears red or brown indicates a build-up of minerals or the presence of rust in your pipes. If your piping is experiencing either of these things, they will need to be fully replaced.
  5. You’ve Had Too Many Leaks to Count: How many times have you had to schedule an appointment to address a leak in your piping? When you start encountering leaking pipes on a near-regular basis, it means your pipes need to be replaced before they completely give out. This will also save you a lot more as you won’t have to worry about fixing leaking pipes for a good long while.

Still not sure if you need to schedule a repiping service? Not to worry, when you talk with a professional at Environment Masters, Inc. they will be able to assess the condition of your pipes and determine what option is best to ensure long-term, efficient piping use.

Contact Environment Masters, Inc. to schedule an appointment with a professional plumber today. Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed.

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