How to Keep Your Commercial Air Conditioner as Healthy as Possible

Commercial air conditioners are designed to withstand a lot of strain, but they don’t last forever. You also shouldn’t expect to get the most out of them if you don’t take certain steps to take care of them as much as possible. If you want to protect your return on investment for your commercial air conditioner, and not have to worry about boiling alive in your office when the system breaks down during the summer, have a look at the following steps you can take.commercial-air-conditioner

Call for Maintenance on a Regular Basis

As with residential systems, you aren’t likely to notice that your commercial air conditioner is having a problem until it’s pretty far along. Calling for repairs at that point makes it much more likely that you’ll have to deal with higher repair costs, which you obviously don’t want to do. The best way to keep repair costs low when they happen, and to reduce their frequency considerably, is to schedule preventive maintenance for your commercial AC.

Consistent preventive maintenance is a great way to ensure that any problems with your commercial air conditioning system is found and fixed before it gets too far. This will lessen the chances of a serious issue affecting your commercial air conditioner by up to 90%, and increase the energy efficiency of the system by up to 40%. Not only does this keep your system healthier, but it saves you money on monthly operating costs, as well!

Know When to Call for Repairs

Preventive maintenance is great, but it’s not a guarantee that your air conditioner will be in perfect health for the rest of its life. In fact, it very likely will develop some kind of issue between maintenance appointments once it starts getting older and more prone to issues in general. You still need to familiarize yourself with the signs that your air conditioner is actually in need of repairs, so that you can have it fixed as soon as possible.

Common signs that your air conditioner is having trouble include:

  • Falling output
  • Odd noises
  • Higher monthly costs
  • Leaking fluid
  • Short cycling
  • Failure to start

And pretty much any other kind of behavior that seems suspicious or out of the ordinary. You still might miss some of the more subtle signs, even if you’re looking for them. But, you significantly lower the chances of a problem surviving long enough to be a threat if you just call for repairs whenever you suspect something is wrong. Better safe than sorry, you know? You may not be able to head off all of the damage to your system, but at the very least you can prevent it from getting worse. Sometimes, that’s the best you can hope for.

EMI Mechanical offers commercial air conditioning services in Brandon, MS. If your commercial air conditioner is in need of maintenance or repairs, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians. We’ll help keep your air conditioner in top shape.

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