Common Plumbing Problems and Their Symptoms

Plumbing problems are numerous and obnoxious, as you probably already know if you’ve been a homeowner long enough. Some are rarer than others, of course, and you likely won’t ever have to deal with a few of them. However, there are some that you will very likely have to cope with more than once throughout your life. These also happen to be among the more damaging plumbing issues, depending on how quickly they are found and repaired. Have a look at the following common plumbing problems and their symptoms, so that you can call for repairs as soon as you notice one in your own home.


Perhaps the single biggest plumbing problem in the country in terms of sheer volume. Leaks often happen as a result of corrosion, which can strike your plumbing system regardless of what it’s made of. Some leaks are large enough to cause immediate symptoms, like dropping water pressure or suddenly rising monthly water bills. Some are a bit less easy to detect, such as pinhole leaks that often go unnoticed for months before the water damage they cause leads back to them. The best way to protect against leaks of all kinds, regardless of size or type, is to schedule preventive maintenance at least once every year or two.


In areas with a lot of hard water, limescale is a constant problem. It’s a kind of mineral deposit that restricts the flow of water through your plumbing system the more it builds. Eventually, the deposits will harden and become difficult to remove without damaging the pipe underneath. This often necessitates replacing the affected pipe sections. If you catch it early, though, you can often have the pipes flushed out to get rid of the scale.

Limescale is visible in any areas that are regularly exposed to hard water, not just in the pipes. If you notice a white film in your bathtub or around your faucets, then you have a limescale issue. You should talk to a professional as soon as possible about having that taken care of. Installing a water softener is another option for ensuring that your plumbing is properly protected from the effects of limescale.

When it comes to having plumbing issues dealt with as quickly as possible, it’s important that you call for repairs as soon as you notice anything strange about the way the system is behaving. We can’t cover every single plumbing problem here, so as a rule of thumb just remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Better to have a plumber check the system out and it turn out to be fine than to have a huge problem erupt later on because you ignored it in the beginning stages.

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