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Should I Be Concerned About Slab Leaks?

The average leak is not usually grounds for a plumbing emergency. But then again, “slab leaks” are not your average leaks.

Slab leaks are no more than a leak that happens to occur beneath the foundation of your home, but the location is what makes all the difference. They’ll turn your average, annoying leak into a complete disaster.

Slab leaks can damage your plumbing in Clinton, MS in several ways, and you should definitely be concerned about them. Here’s why:

Causes Extensive Damage to the Home

Part of what makes slab leaks so troublesome is how they manage to saturate the soil beneath your home. This pushes the concrete slabs of your foundation upwards, and this can cause unexpected damage to your home.

  • Floor cracks: The force of the concrete slabs can be enough to create cracks in tile and concrete flooring.
  • Wall cracks: If the slab is close enough to a wall, it can create cracks at the baseboard level.
  • Water damage: These cracks can give way to water entering the home, thus damaging the home as well as any furniture and objects in the room. Wood floors can also become warped.
  • Mold and mildew in the carpet: If a leak saturates your carpeting, it won’t take long for conditions to create mold or mildew.

Creates Water Bill Spikes

Any leak is going to cost you money if it’s not fixed, but slab leaks are especially bad. Normal leaks will form due to corrosion, resulting in small leaks that get worse over time. Even this slow but constant dripping can significantly raise your water bill over time.

As for slab leaks, it’s most likely to be formed by shifting soil. This cracks the pipe and will create a full-blown pipe burst, which releases water at a much faster rate. It’s important to shut off the main water supply as soon as you detect a slab leak.

It Can Ruin Your Quality of Life

If the damage and water bill spike weren’t enough, a slab leak also runs a high chance of lowering your quality of life. If the afflicted pipe is your main water line, you won’t be able to run any water to your appliances. That means no drinking water, no dishwashing, no shower, no toilet … You get the idea.

When you have a slab leak, your life comes to a halt until it’s fixed.

It Can Be a Health Hazard

If it’s not your main water line that suffers from the leak, it will probably be the sewer line. While this won’t stop you from using your appliances, it will be difficult to do so with the smell of sewage. A sewer line burst beneath your home is a potential biohazard, especially if it manages to create cracks in the floor and leak that sewer water into your home.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, don’t hesitate to call us during our emergency hours. Contact Environment Masters, Inc. today to speak with a plumber. Service within hours, not days. Guaranteed.

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